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The knee joint is lined by a layer of hyaline cartilage.  Without this lining, a patient may suffer the symptoms of arthritis.  Injuries to the knee, usually during exercise, can damage part of the cartilage surface.  Early treatment can help to prevent permanent issues with the knee or provide relief of the symptoms associated with this condition.


The initial treatment of arthritis includes:

  • Simple analgesia with paracetamol

  • Consideration of a long-acting anti-inflammatory (in consultation with your GP)

  • Weight loss

  • Improvement of muscular strength around the hip and of the ‘core’ muscles

  • Walking aid use

  • Cortisone injection

What's involved?

  • Surgical treatment is predominantly arthroscopic, which uses a telescope to inspect the joint and other instruments to perform:

    • Repair/fixation of the damaged section of cartilage

    • Removal of the injured cartilage

    • Stimulation of the bone beneath the injury to produce an alternative form of cartilage

  • Usually you will be discharged on the same day as the surgery, however, you may require overnight admission to the hospital

  • You may be required to avoid weightbearing and wear a brace for 6 weeks following the surgery

  • You may benefit from post-operative physiotherapy exercises

  • Your surgical incision will be reviewed 2 weeks after surgery

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