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Osteotomy refers to the cutting of the bone around the knee to allow correction of deformity.  In the presence of arthritis, this can offload the area of arthritis and provide good relief of pain.  It is the best choice for someone who has:

  • Only one part of the knee joint affected by arthritis

  • Knee pain that is affecting quality of life

  • Failed initial arthritis management

  • Age less than 60 y.o.

  • Heavy physical work requirement


The initial treatment of arthritis includes:

  • Simple analgesia with paracetamol

  • Consideration of a long-acting anti-inflammatory (in consultation with your GP)

  • Weight loss

  • Improvement of muscular strength around the hip and of the ‘core’ muscles

  • Walking aid use

  • Cortisone injection

What's involved?

  • The procedure involves cutting the tibia or femur around the knee and changing the angulation of the bone.  The bone is then fixed in that position using a combination of a plate and screws

  • Partial weight bearing will begin the next morning, as will an exercise program

  • The hospital stay is usually 2 days

  • You may benefit from post-operative physiotherapy exercises

  • Your surgical incision will be reviewed 2 weeks after surgery

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