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The principles of treating a fracture to the lower limb include:

  • Correction of the fracture to its usual position

  • Stabilisation of the fracture in this position, using either plaster or surgical fixation

  • Return to weight-bearing as soon as feasible

  • Early return to normal motion of the affected joint

  • Maintenance of adjacent joint motion and limb musculature

What's involved?

  • Femoral, tibial or ankle fractures require different forms of surgical fixation

  • A combination of plate and screws, screws alone or rods may be required.  The fracture pattern and fixation will dictate how quickly weight bearing and joint motion can begin

  • Occasionally a surgical boot or brace will be required after surgery

  • Hospital length of stay is usually 1 night

  • You may benefit from post-operative physiotherapy exercises

  • Your surgical incision will be reviewed 2 weeks after surgery

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